"Being held by Sarah in the energy of the container has created so many shifts for me already. I’ve discovered so much more about myself through the work and tasks and having a like-minded group in a supportive space is amazing. It’s so impactful I’ve made so much progress and fast both personally and in my business. The flow of the container is pushing me and holding me accountable so I never lose track."
Laura Baker – Holistic Therapist & Crystal Supplier at Laura’s Aura

"Sarah is an excellent coach and she used methods that I hadn’t been exposed to before. She is incredibly intuitive and she understood instantly the area I needed to focus on.
She instilled confidence and trust in her, which allowed me to be open, honest and expose my vulnerable side, which was essential for me to tackle the areas that were causing a block in moving forward with my business.
Sarah did not expect me to prescribe to a number of sessions, it was entirely my decision. She was also available for support in between sessions. I felt she equipped me to become self-sufficient and not dependent upon her for maintaining the mindset she helped me achieve.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Sarah."

Suzanne Knowles – Business Owner

"Today I had a 121 healing session with Sarah McBride and for me has been the most surreal and amazing day in my 42-year-old life so far!!! This even beats the births of my two beautiful daughters hard to believe but true folks.

So back to today, I've been searching for a while now on what makes ME happy, tick and over think and generally act the way I do. I went through so many unbelievable emotions and relief and was emotionally drained and I mean drained today truly unbelievable folks all from the HEART!!! That I have never felt before and Not the head or the EGO!! that has been winning all these years it woke me up and made me appreciate what is important in my life. It's never has been about status or possession cars or holiday's or who has the most amount of money or the most amount of fake friends, likes or comments that's all very superficial.

I have never ever ever felt this type of emotion before, it's a day that will last with me forever a day that I realised that I was free of my old ways and old habits because I finally found it within myself to accept the past for what it was and also what has blocking me all these years and found the strength in me to let it all go.

I actually have never ever ever encountered a high like this before absolute euphoria, relief and the removal of years of suffering which I have held within myself all rolled into one, Better than any drink or drug high because all they do is suppress your feelings even more and block out what you really want to shift out of your body and your problems will always be there, until you grow a pair and look your demons straight in the eyes like me today and beat them...

And I know there's going to be people thinking has he lost his mind at last but actually folks I've just found it again along with my HEART"

Neil Molloy – Health Supplement Distributor





"I cannot begin to thank Sarah enough I have literally recommended her to all my friends. Her knowledge, understanding and ability to read people is something I've NEVER experienced. It's like she knows you better than you know yourself and will recognise any blocks and traits holding you back or that maybe need healing. I am a different person since doing her courses, I've never felt happier, stronger or more empowered in my whole life. She has given me self-belief and understanding that has changed me forever. The amount of "penny drop" moments! If you do one thing this year invest in yourself, forget the coffees, eating out/nights out for a month and enrol on a course or her academy. I promise it'll be the best thing you do."
Suzie Shaw – Interior Designer

"I have just completed the uncover your hidden genius course after hearing brilliant things. WOW! It was that and more. This course truly is like no other I have ever done before. I am so grateful for Sarah and how she holds space for you to become aware of the blockages in your sub-conscious that is holding you back from your true potential. I am already on my way to big changes and feel like I am getting to know myself properly for the very first time. Can't recommend this course enough to anyone and everyone "
Jodie Morton - Yoga Teacher

"I came to Sarah for coaching at a time when I was struggling with the relationship with myself and the blockages that were holding me back mostly In my personal life. I struggled to understand certain feelings and behaviours and how I managed them.
Sarah gave me the tools and the determination to uncover the root causes and now I am able to make sense of issues and as a result, have healthy relationship’s with other people and more importantly myself.

Each week I would commit my spare time to work on the techniques we had been taught in that week's session and within a matter of weeks my mindset had completely transformed and the people closest to me noticed immediate changes in how I reacted to certain situations.
I would definitely recommend the course for anyone struggling with blockages, relationships and even making sense of their own thoughts and actions.
The group members were also amazing, we shared experiences and I was able to participate only when I felt comfortable.
Thanks, Sarah, 12 months later and I’m still regularly practising everything you taught. #forevergrateful"

Leanne Black – Property Consultant

"A business course like no other, offering an all-rounded holistic approach to business success and helping in changing destructive habits and preconceptions about our relationship with money and success.
The course is a true gift we can offer ourselves.
Sarah’s individual approach to creating and delivering the course is nothing short of excellent!"

Melanie Sharp – Business Owner at Refill

"I am doing Sarah’s Conscious Coaching for Success Foundation course and I absolutely love it. I am really impressed with both the course content and its structure.
Sarah goes deep and effortlessly blends from different methods and modalities. Her programme is designed to work holistically with all aspects of the Self and I can feel it’s priming me for success both in business and life.
The sessions are supportive, interactive and fun. Sarah’s eclectic knowledge is rare and I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is serious about doing the ‘work’ and upgrading their life."

Elaine Bonfrer – Women’s Empowerment Coach

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sarah for the past two years and recently met her in person for a personalised retreat. While some might call Sarah “a coach”, I consider her my spiritual guide. Like most westerners, my centre was my head, my rational side. Working with Sarah I managed to shift from the head to the heart and with this connect with my feelings and emotions. This has allowed me to work on my past traumas and inner beliefs. Sarah has guided me through every step of the way using her vast knowledge of different disciplines she has studied and mastered over the years. While every zoom session is incredibly powerful, meeting Sarah in person has been deeply transformative. The 4 days retreat together has taken me deep inside, I have faced my fears, my ego. With her beautifully crafted sequence of ceremonies and integration sessions, I have experienced the power of the divine energy, its expansiveness, love and joy. Sarah has shown me what’s there beyond us and with her continued support I can take my own journey to the next level. I can’t recommend her enough to anyone that wants to truly awaken oneself and in particular to my fellow men out there. Luigi Matrone - Technology Entrepreneuer

I wanted to share my experiences working with Sarah both on a 1-1 level and through her Incubator program. I'll be honest when we first spoke I was in a pretty dark place. I was deeply unsatisfied with the way I was living and experiencing life. A mutual friend had recommended Sarah the year before but I didn't reach out to her until I had hit rock bottom. I had been working as a mechanic and life coaching in my free time, but when my own mental well-being began to deteriorate I had to pull the plug. I had experienced what it was to live a passionate and purposeful life helping others but due to where I found myself mentally at the time, I felt condemned to live out the rest of my days doing something I wasn't meant for. I will never forget our first call together. Sarah immediately saw something in me that I thought was lost. She cut right through my self-imposed limitations and we immediately started working through many of the aspects which were holding me back. I felt truly held and guided throughout the process as I began to understand and uncover the truth of who I am and what I am capable of. I could never have anticipated the swift, deep, and lasting shifts that I went through almost instantly and I will always have such profound gratitude for the work she does and the person she is. She held space for me when I was struggling and helped me back to my feet. The safety and support created in all of our sessions together meant that I could explore the parts of myself that I simply couldn't face alone, allowing me to go further into the depths of what created my suffering and kept me stuck. By the time our 1-1 sessions had finished, I felt like I had been reborn, and reacquainted with my happy, fun, curious, and loving nature. Both my spark and zest for life had returned. She guided me back to myself in ways that gave me the confidence to pursue my purpose. I naturally transitioned from our sessions into the warm and welcoming environment of the incubator. I now had both Sarah's support and that of everyone within the group, all of which I now consider my friends. The way the incubator is structured is phenomenal, a testament to the knowledge, wisdom, and experience that Sarah has poured into it. Within a short couple of months of working through the modules, I am back doing what I love and serving my own clients. Working with Sarah has been one of the most liberating and transformative experiences I have ever had. A gift that has changed my life for good. Jeremy Young - Inner Child & Life Coach