Sarah McBride
Losing Your Way?
April 20, 2019
Sarah McBride

If Not Now, Then When?

“​I’ll invest in myself and my business once I’ve sorted the house / the kids / the car / insert any other ‘reason’ here.”

“I’ll hire my first employee when I’m sure it will all work out.”

SPOILER ALERT: You’ll never be ‘all sorted’. You’ll never be ‘sure’. But, if not now, when?

We’re all guilty of it – and I include myself in this too. We procrastinate, we hesitate, we give (what we believe to be valid) reasons for why we can’t take action on a project – whether that’s taking the next step with our business, investing in a course that we know will be good for us, or any other action that comes with somehow steering us out of our comfort zone.

I’ve been guilty of this many times over and always see it reflected back at me, as I focus on the wrong things and then watch the Universe oh-so-dramatically have them crumble around me. Our Universe ain’t subtle, let me tell you that.

I get it, I really do. It requires faith and trust and confidence and, sometimes, you just don’t feel ready. The thing is, for the most part, we’re never going to feel truly ready. And that’s scary. But do you know what’s even scarier? Living a life half-lived and not seizing opportunities when they arise because, like I said, if not now, then when? There’ll always be a reason (read as ‘excuse’) not to do something. There’ll always be another task that you think should take priority. And it’s this pattern of procrastination, this mental state of fear that keeps us from living the life of our dreams.

I don’t have a magic spell for you, or a simple meditation that will somehow remove this blockage. The hard fact is you’ve simply got to take action. As I discussed in my post on pattern interruption ​[link]​, a shock to the system can do wonders for your confidence – and when you begin to see the positive changes, your confidence grows and taking that next step isn’t so scary after all.

Feeling stuck in a cycle myself, last year, I joined a course to learn a new healing modality that would provide me with a greater sense of self awareness. Was I really ready for the course? Nope. Did I even really ​need
​ it? Not particularly. I already had most of the tools explored and I wasn’t learning anything profoundly new – but taking myself out of that comfort zone, being in the energy of that consciousness and seeing myself (and the rest of the course group) moving forward was the kick I needed to progress with my own teachings and launching this very Academy that you’re reading about today.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned on this subject is this; continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection. Once more for the people at the back!

Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.

Will you get everything right first time? Probably not. But will you learn, grow and get closer to your goals? Absolutely. During my years as a successful business consultant, this was my method and general philosophy on development. To simply support businesses in making a start, then refining the process along the way. I’ve now successfully applied this methodology to my own businesses. I know that’s hard. But it’s only as hard as your ego tells you it is.

It all starts with one single action. What could you do today to take you one step (or ten!) closer to your goals? Don’t ruminate on it and sit with your thoughts for hours (your sneaky ego will use that time to give you a million reasons why today isn’t the day). Don’t give it the opportunity. Take action. Ready or not.

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