Sarah McBride
Losing Your Way?
April 20, 2019
Sarah McBride
Understanding Aspect Work
June 17, 2019

I’m so grateful that you’ve found yourself here, wanting to learn, grow and develop. I have so much respect and admiration for you reaching this point and I want to demonstrate that by telling you about my own story. As we work and grow together, you’ll find yourself opening up and being more transparent about your life experiences. It’s only right then that I do the same.

My story is a long and complex one, as is the case with most people – especially those who somehow find themselves searching for deeper meaning, alignment and purpose in their work.

I’m from a corporate background and have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Whilst studying for my degree in English & Information Systems, I supported my then partner as he invested in a building and maintenance business, managing the bookkeeping and tenders alongside my university work. After graduating, a Customer Services role rapidly led to a Team Leader position, managing multiple accounts for several years. I then moved on to establishing an operations centre for another organisation, project managing the process, troubleshooting and identifying improvements. My experience and drive quickly led to me unofficially taking on the role of Director – whilst remaining on my old wage (I know, I know…). It was around this time that I became extremely interested in Personal Development. Unfortunately, this new-found interest wasn’t because I wanted to positively improve myself and have an ​even more
​ incredible life; it’s because I was drowning. The sheer amount of stress I found myself under led me to search for other ways. There ​had
​ to be other ways, right?
Within a few months, I’d secured a contract doing similar work as a Corporate Consultant. The position was freelance and I began to see the tides slowly changing for the better.

In a short space of time, I’d been successful enough as a freelance consultant to take 12 months away from work and focus on personal development and deep healing. This time, for all the right reasons. Working with some of the best healers and coaches in the world – from London’s Harley Street to Bali and back again – I worked on the physical, mental, emotional and energetic. It was incredible.


I eventually went back to my work as a consultant, using the next eight years to support banks, the NHS and retail giants such as Fortnum & Mason on business change and performance improvement.

But something happened four years into that work; my personal development and quest for wellness grew so strong that I couldn’t ignore the significance of it in my professional life. This is how I devised the concept for Kapucia; a wellbeing centre in the heart of Liverpool. The first of its kind, Kapucia brought together healers and coaches from all over the world to teach workshops, sessions and courses to those looking to grow. It was also one of the first to
introduce many of the holistic products and foods to Liverpool that we now consider to be the norm.

I single handedly established Kapucia whilst consulting full time for Barclays (clearly, I don’t like to make things easy on myself!). Let me tell you how hard that was and just how much it took its toll on my mental, physical, emotional and energetic wellbeing. The irony wasn’t lost on me that the importance of such things was exactly what I was trying to educate people on through Kapucia.

My journey continued. I began to crave a combination of my consultancy work with my wellbeing exploration. This led to me becoming a trainer for the Stress Management Society, bringing wellness education into corporate consultancy long before it was the norm. Looking back, the two extremes of my work was huge; one day, I’d be flying to an isolated mountain retreat to explore ceremonial plant medicine then the next day, I’d be suited and booted teaching a seminar to a high street bank!

Whilst most definitely a juggling act, I was extremely successful in this work for a long time, up until the summer of 2018. After 16 years, I gave up my corporate career to become a different kind of business coach. I recognised that there were particular types of businesses that needed my support more than others; organisations that understood, recognised and appreciated the importance of doing the necessary inner work to create the right mindset for achieving external goals and maintaining a successful business.

Eradicating limiting beliefs, deep trauma work and understanding the importance of self care are necessary foundations for success. Most people don’t realise that your business is a direct reflection of you; everything external to us is a projection of our inner world, and you can’t work on your business until you have first worked on yourself.

I now guide people to do the inner work first and then take them through the steps of creating a solid infrastructure for their business. A business that taps into their passion, with longevity and solid foundations in an ever changing, fast paced world.

If you focus on you and your core values, they can be transferred to any business. When you invest in yourself and not an idea, you never lose out. It’s not about the industry or the marketing strategy or how many sales funnels you have. It’s about you; people buy into people. How many people look at a well balanced business owner and want what they have? Rather than someone who’s always stressed out and not practicing what they preach?
We are all a work in progress – but teaching what you implement as your own standards? ​This
​ is true alignment – and this is my story.

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