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April 20, 2019
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April 20, 2019
Sarah McBride

Losing Your Way? Consider the Power of Pattern Interrupt

Summer 2018 brought a lot of challenges for me – both personally and professionally. You know they say everything comes at once? This was definitely an example of just that.

A big house move is always going to be stressful no matter how well it’s planned – but add to that the fact that my mum became seriously ill (cue constant worry, and lots of trips to and from the hospital) and things became seriously stressful. But the Universe wasn’t done testing me just yet; I had my own health scare resulting in ongoing tests over a three month period (cue even more worry), my personal relationship ended and I closed my main business (which also happened to be my main source of income) to focus on my other projects. Clearly, I don’t like to make things easy for myself (!) but I was keen to be more aligned with my passion, using my wealth of experience to support people on their own journeys.

As is the case with most of us, the first thing to be disregarded with so much simultaneous stress and overwhelm was self care. I didn’t have time to plan or prep nutritious meals, instead grabbing junk on-the-go or quick bites whenever I could. I also found myself reaching for stimulants like caffeine and sugar to top up my rapidly declining energy levels (something that I usually advise people to steer clear of). It was obvious; there was a distinct lack of putting myself first, honouring my body and mind with the nourishing foods, rest and sleep that I not only deserved – but desperately needed.

We’re only human; my priorities had shifted, my structure had slipped and I was caught in a vicious cycle. I knew deep down that I needed to put into practice everything that I teach to others and wholeheartedly believe. I logically knew the answer – using proven tools and techniques to keep myself on track and limiting stress on my body and mind – but this time felt different; I felt stuck in a loop and, no matter how many times I tried to break free, I kept circling back.

It was time for a significant change. You cannot keep doing what you’ve always done and expect to get different results. I decided to interrupt my negative patterns with a water fast, followed by a juice fast and then, finally, a raw food eating regime. Was it dramatic? Absolutely. Difficult? No doubt. But this is what I needed to shock my body and mind out of the vicious circle I found myself in. After the five-day water fast, I had so much more energy, my skin was clearer and, most importantly, so was my mind. Moving on to the juices, supported by herbal tinctures, my brain function soared and I rediscovered my passion for performance and business.

Not only did this pattern interruption change my former state but the fact that I made a commitment (albeit a tough one!) to see the detoxification period through meant that I began to regain trust in myself; I was following through on my promises to myself, I was physically and mentally stronger than I thought. All of this led to an increase in self respect, trust and confidence.

Reprogramming my eating habits was just the start. I noticed I was using my new-found energy to put more hours into my business. All well and good, right? That’s until I realised I wasn’t getting the recommended eight hours sleep that I needed. It became clear just how little rest I’d given myself in the last six months.

Knowing and experiencing first-hand the power of pattern interrupt, I decided a change of scenery was in order. I booked myself a week of sunshine in Turkey with the flight leaving in exactly one week’s time. The change in environment helped me to readjust and realign, getting back to my eight hours’ sleep each night, resting and rejuvenating my body and topping up that all-important vitamin D. I instantly found my creativity levels rising, ideas flowing through me with ease and my passion reaching new heights. It’s almost as if your body is magic, right? 😉

Pattern interruption doesn’t have to come in the form of fasts or mini breaks. They can be anything that allows you to redirect your thoughts, take a step back and reflect on your current state. The space created by pattern interrupt allows you to put new actions in place and consequently form new, more loving habits. These daily habits and actions are what drive our success. We can think positively all day long – but if our actions don’t reflect that thinking, we can remain stuck in cycles that don’t serve us.

Have you experienced pattern interrupt? What have you found to be the most significant change? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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