Getting Clear and Preparing Myself for 2020

Sarah McBride
Getting Clear in the New Year
January 16, 2020
Sarah McBride
The Importance of Serving Your Authentic Self
February 17, 2020
Sarah McBride

I came into the new year (and decade) knowing that it was going to be a big one for me, both personally and professionally, with significant changes ahead. Whilst the temptation is always there to start with a bang and put a million different plans in place on January 1st, I knew that my mind, body and soul was absolutely crying out for internal reflection and a slow and steady start to the year.

With this in mind, I made the decision to withdraw from my usual hectic schedule and spend some much-needed time on introspective work, mapping out my personal values and boundaries, reflecting on the changes I want to make and see in my life, and generally taking the first few weeks of 2020 to rest and rejuvenate. I also decided to detox my diet, spend more time in meditation and incorporate some gentle exercise that felt right for my body at the time (which manifested as yoga and a lot of walks in nature – my dogs didn’t seem to mind at all!). The last few weeks have also made me realise how much sleep I need and shown me the importance of a well-rested body and mind (which I’m sure is in no small way related to all those dog walks…)!

‘…choosing rest and reflection in the short term will be massively beneficial…”

Whilst this ‘cocoon state’ has been massively beneficial for me both physically and mentally, it’s also brought different pressures too; the need to slow down has meant that I’ve had to push back on my to-do list, which has resulted in delays in launching my academy, and changing the business model of Kapucia. However, I know that choosing rest and reflection in the short term will be massively beneficial in the long term, too; by giving myself more time, I’m learning to work smarter, not harder – and still get the professional results I want.

Stripping back in some ways has also allowed me to grow in others; I’ve signed up for further study that will allow me to strengthen certain aspects of my life, and by choosing to work with several coaches over the next few months too, I know I’m ‘levelling up’ and strengthening my personal and professional foundations even further.

My first real social outing of the year was attending The Empowered Woman Collective event, which was an evening of inspirational speakers and connecting with like-minded women. It felt so good to submerge myself back into the world – but in a way that’s aligned with the work I’ve been doing, surrounding myself with those who are working at the same frequency and vibration, and whose values align with my own.

‘…if it doesn’t serve me anymore? I’m simply willing to let it go.’

And as I slowly emerge from my cocoon and start making my way back into our busy world, I know that the work I’ve been doing in the past few weeks will be reflected in my external environment, with me taking the necessary actions to make that happen. And if it doesn’t serve me anymore? I’m simply willing to let it go. January has been a promise to myself; to free up space in my life, put myself and my personal needs first – and consequently make this my best year yet!

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