The Importance of Serving Your Authentic Self

Sarah McBride
Getting Clear and Preparing Myself for 2020
January 29, 2020
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Knowing oneself is the key for authenticity
March 5, 2020
Sarah McBride

As human beings, it’s so natural – primal, even – to want to fit in; to belong to a tribe or group in which, by sheer safety in numbers, you feel secure and protected. But are you honouring your true self by doing this? Or is this desire to fit incoming from a state of fear and you’re therefore only protecting the shallowest layers of yourself? Are you actually missing out on all the juicy, authentic goodness that’s underneath?

Having the courage and confidence to be your most authentic self isn’t easy – but the rewards can make that effort so worth it.

‘…re-remember who you are.’

Your primary purpose on this planet, in this incarnation, is to re-remember who you are. While we all have many different aspects of self, it’s essential to explore all elements – not just those that have been formed and developed by – and for – other people, through core wounds or beliefs. Do the inner work to meet yourself and delve into your shadows until you truly know yourself. Only then will you be able to recognise your authentic self and drop the need to emulate others, or search for safety in numbers. You will acknowledge your essence and know it cannot be touched by another, nor will you need validation from any external being.

‘…agree with and feel in true alignment with?’

In an age of social media, we’re only ever a click away from being able to discover circles or groups that resonate with us – especially within the world of wellness, personal development and spirituality. It gives us the most wonderful opportunities to connect with like-minded people and raise each other’s vibration and frequency. But do we ever really stop and consider just how much of what’s being promoted by these circles we actually agree with and feel in true alignment with?

‘…if it doesn’t fit with your soul’s desires’

Sometimes, we can feel like we have to fully adopt a belief system in order to be accepted or validated by it. Naturally, this comes from our primal need to fit in – and there is, of course, benefits to that – but taking the time to sit with and really feel what resonates most with you, then dismissing that which doesn’t set your soul alight is a sure-fire way to stay in alignment with your true self and reach the highest version of yourself. Being inspired and ignited by existing belief systems isn’t an ‘all-or-nothing’ approach; you don’t have to take on every element if it doesn’t fit with your soul’s desires. And nor do you have to dismiss it entirely if there are elements you don’t agree with. Think of it as the most delicious, accessible spiritual buffet; you’re free to pick and choose what works for you, creating a plate (i.e. life) full of the most soul-igniting experiences.

The result of honouring our authenticity is that life feels inflow; opportunities and people and experiences come into your life easily and fit perfectly with your soul’s divine blueprint – but only if we’ve done the inner work to acknowledge and identify that blueprint will we be able to recognise when these aligned people and opportunities present themselves. There is no need to hide aspects of yourself or modify your behaviours; by doing so, you’re only moving further away from the life and experiences you want – out of fear that you’re not creating the life you’re supposed to want. It’s radical self-love to simply be who you are and accept the fact that there may be circles in which you don’t necessarily fit – but you’re safe in the knowledge that you’re honouring your soul, your true purpose.

‘…soar to new heights’

Remember that your life is part of a divine eco-system of consciousness – and every individual on this planet has a unique role to play in upholding and elevating it. And when we act in accordance with our soul, not only do our individual lives improve ten-fold – but that global consciousness can soar to new heights too. Now, that’s a world I want to live in.

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