How our world can become a collective?

Sarah McBride
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December 16, 2019
Sarah McBride
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January 16, 2020
Sarah McBride

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a deeply empathetic person that’s affected by the pain of others, and highly sensitive to what’s going on around me. From social media to 24-hour news and everything in between, the state of this world can sometimes feel like a pretty sorry affair – and feeling so affected by what we can often see in this world, especially with regards to animals and our planet, has at times felt like a curse. 

There have been times in my life when this empathy has actually prevented me from moving forward in my own life, knowing that I couldn’t pursue my passion whilst unintentionally dedicating so much time and energy to how I was affected by the pain of others. 

*Cue light bulb moment*

I began to realise that my empathy didn’t have to be a curse; it could be my driver! My motivation for pursuing a life with meaning, in service to others, helping them to heal and grow. I realised that my love of animals (my dogs and cats are my world!) could be demonstrated in my work too; by helping people to break the cycle of negativity, they could indirectly become kinder, more understanding souls that were less likely to hurt themselves and others, animals included.  

Ooh – and then maybe the people I help will then go on to help others…

And maybe they’ll help even more people!

Boom! All of a sudden, I could see how my empathy was key to my motivation – and key to my role in making the world that little bit brighter. It was the magic I needed for pushing through on those dark days when a high energy podcast just wouldn’t cut it and I’d need something that meant more to my soul.

Creating Kapucia was the perfect way to put my new perception into practice. I wanted to bring powerful healers from around the world to my hometown, Liverpool – where I knew local people would benefit, heal and grow from the teachings of these incredible people. And just like my light bulb moment, I knew that the more people that visited Kapucia and began doing that all-important inner work, the more of a positive impact they’d have on those around them too. 

It’s the most beautiful yet natural domino effect you could imagine. And it’s contagious. In the best possible way. 

For the most part, I don’t believe that people are born inherently bad. I believe that our experiences, interactions and environments shape who we become, and people who act out negatively have inner work that has been left undone. Often, these people aren’t even aware of the implications that their actions have on others – including our beautiful world and the incredible animals that we share it with. The more people willing to do that inner work and resolve their issues, the more frequently we will see acts of kindness, generosity and positivity in our world. I look at my beautiful pets and know how much they’re loved and cared for. My motivation is to help people do their inner work and consequently reflect their own kindness on the world and its beautiful animals.

‘…stops that cycle of negativity dead in its tracks.’

As a healer, I aim to help people heal emotionally, mentally and even physically – but, in addition to this, I work to help them find their passion and purpose. Doing so enables them to have a positive focus and drive that stops that cycle of negativity dead in its tracks. This is also why I bring my extensive corporate consulting experience to smaller businesses, helping them to gain the tools, knowledge and strategies that are typically reserved for larger organisations. By doing so, the owners of these smaller business – often conscious and ethically-minded – will go on to do bigger and better things; they’ll also learn to develop smarter business boundaries – something that can often be a challenge for well-meaning people with small businesses – but, ultimately, they’ll do so with soul, heart and a conscience. At the same time, I work with corporates to highlight the importance of wellbeing and healing in the workplace, ensuring that, what can easily become a high energy, high-stress environment, retains balance, health and, ultimately, heals. 

In short, I bring healing to corporates, and corporate structure to smaller, more ethical businesses – resulting in the greater good for all. In a world where some well-known corporate giants aren’t doing as much as they could be, it’s the ultimate motivation for me to know that I’m playing a part in creating more conscious, well-intentioned organisations – big and small.

Before we know it, our people, our businesses, our animals, our world starts to become a collective – and the saying that “No man is an island” rings true. It’s the small acts of many that will change the world – a silent revolution if you will. We don’t need to be shouting from the rooftops about this work – but by taking the responsibility to work on ourselves, dealing with what we need to deal with and, ultimately, breaking the chain of negativity – we can and will change the world for the better. Now, that is real motivation. 

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