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April 20, 2019
Sarah McBride
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August 12, 2019
Sarah McBride

There’s a reason why ‘Aspect Work’ is the very first module on my Foundation Course and that’s because it ultimately allows us to better understand all aspects of our inner selves before we even consider looking externally or at our professional lives.

Being successful is not just hoarding a load of business strategy 101 tools and taking action; firstly, we need to understand what tools we, as individuals, specifically need – and the way to identify those needs is by bringing awareness to every part of ourselves at a deeper level. It’s about understanding our own patterns of behaviour and why we do what we do. It’s learning about the roles that we play and why. In the case of negative roles, patterns or behaviours, it’s impossible to break away from them unless we can identify them in the first place – and that’s why aspect work is so important.

Imagine there’s an element of yourself that you’re not consciously acknowledging or addressing. Until you do, that aspect of you will keep presenting itself, getting louder and louder (and usually more annoying and painful) until you finally answer. This can often be in the form of an inner saboteur, unconsciously sabotaging any action that we take towards success. Why do we have these pesky saboteurs? Ultimately, our minds are primal; they want to keep us safe. They don’t care about our dreams and ambitions. They care about our survival. So these not-so-subtle saboteurs come out kicking and screaming in the only way they know how to prevent you from moving forward and potentially facing danger. Cue that voice in your head telling you to procrastinate, take the day off, do anything but the work you’re supposed to be doing…

Aspect work allows us to identify these saboteurs, learn from them, understand them and essentially negotiate with them in order to move forward. It’s essential that we do this first before we even consider applying any tools or strategies, otherwise, we end up just constantly fighting against ourselves. And when that happens? That’s when we start thinking that we simply don’t have the willpower/ambition/talent/ insert-any-word-here-that-totally-knocks-your-self-esteem to succeed. But that’s not the case.

Think of every aspect of you as a player making up Team You. If every player/aspect has their own different agenda, you can’t rally together to reach the Superbowl of Success. Now, you’re the Manager of Team You. It’s your job to identify the traits of each player/aspect, recognise their positive qualities and bring them together as one integrated team with one common goal.

With this in mind, consider Module One of my Foundation Course your Manager Training. You will learn how to identify your different aspects through different, heart-opening exercises and consequently apply the tools that will support you most in moving forward.

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